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Majestic Custom Construction, Inc offers only the finest materials available for your siding, window, door, remodeling and general construction needs.

Custom Construction Process

Majestic Custom Construction, Inc: “Our Ten Commitments”

No matter what kind of siding or window project we’re entrusted with, every home design and landscape is different. We want you to know that while we treat your home as if it were our own, it is sometimes difficult to “navigate” around every tree and shrub in your yard and in some instances, damage to existing landscaping may occur during the construction process. We ask that a 24 inch distance be present between your home and plants so we can limit the damage that could occur during the construction process and to also give our crews enough room to work. If you have a great personal or monetary investment in a specific tree, shrub or flower, please notify us during the pre-construction walk so that we may discuss alterations or extra precautionary protection. Our Ten Commitments:

1) Pre-Construction and Pre-Existing Materials Evaluation

With the assistance of the property owner, a Majestic Custom specialist makes a thorough checklist of all pre-existing damaged screens, gutters and downspouts at the pre-construction walk. If we damage any window screens, gutters, or downspouts during siding, window, door installation, remodel, painting, construction process, we will re-screen damaged screens or repair gutters or downspouts free of charge.

2) Quality Construction Materials Delivered

Majestic Custom offers only the finest materials available for your siding, window, door, remodeling and general construction needs. Our materials are shipped directly to your home/job site by trusted suppliers we have worked with for many years. The materials arrive 1 to 48 hours before the start date and are delivered to a predetermined location verified by a property owner at the pre-construction walk. These areas need to be clear of any vehicles or obstructions at least 48 hours prior to the start date.

Majestic Custom orders more materials than required to ensure the project is not delayed by material shortages. These additional materials are not charged to you. During the final job walk, all extra materials are removed from the home/job site by the Project Manager.

3) Proper On-Site Disposal

Majestic Custom works with many different disposal companies that comply with Minnesota zoning laws. They, like our material suppliers, function as an extension of our company and drop boxes are delivered when needed. A drop box and a portable restroom are delivered to predetermined locations the property owner specifies during the pre-construction walk 1 to 48 hours before the start date. These areas need to be clear of vehicles and obstructions for up to 48 hours before the start date. The drop box and portable restroom will be removed after the final job walk is completed by you and your Project Manager.

4) Phone Wires/Cable Wires/Electrical Wires

Majestic Custom cannot know the existing location of all wires and cable lines under the siding and sheathing of your home. If you loose utility service of any kind, please contact your Project Manager and they will help you to resolve the issue immediately (Please refer to Terms and Conditions under Owner’s Obligations provided to you before the project begins). Another utility consideration is coordinating power supply locations to provide constant power for our crew during the construction process. We will address power-related issues with you during your pre-construction walk.

5) Billings/Payments

Please contact our Accounting Department if you have any billing or payment questions. You can reach our Accounting Department by calling 612-299-1101. Please refer to your contract for payment terms. As a typical practice, we require a 5% down payment, and progress billings as stated in the contract. Our Project Managers will submit an invoice to you at the time of the final job walk and will ask that you pay that balance per your contract terms. We ask that you pay the painting balance after the painting is complete and you are completely satisfied with all of the work performed.

6) Change Orders

Our Project Managers are available at any time should you decide that you would like to change the work that is to be done. Maybe you decide to have us install a new living room window or maybe you decide not to have us paint your garden shed. Whatever the change, we will be more than happy to tailor our services to your needs. Let us know of the changes and our Project Managers will complete a change order that reflects the changes you want. Progress billings will be submitted for change orders.

7) Painting

If you inform your Project Manager of your paint colors at the pre-construction walk, the painter will confirm those colors. Otherwise, inform your Project Manager of your paint colors within 48 hours of the siding completion. We recommend painting a portion of your home with a color “swatch” in order to see what the paint looks like on your home. All of our painting supply stores will make a quart of paint for you to paint a small section of your home. Painting generally takes from 1 to 3 days depending on the weather, size of your home and the size of the painting crew. Depending on the weather and length of the day, our painters are able to spray two coats of paint in the same day.

8) Interior Issues

Before work begins on your home, please remove all interior paintings, artwork, and decorations hung on interior walls. We do not want these valuable items to be damaged. Please remove all pictures, artwork and decorations at your own risk; Majestic Custom is not responsible for damage to these items during their movement or during the project. We also want you to be aware that nail pops and sheetrock damage could occur inside your home, due to the nature of residing your home exterior. This potential damage rarely occurs, but if it does, Majestic Custom is not financially responsible, and does not oversee damage repairs.

9) Dry Rot/Infestation

Our construction crews are instructed to call our Project Managers at any signs of dry rot or insect infestation so you are informed and can plan a course of action. When our Project Managers receive a call from our crews, we immediately call you and inform you of the type and extent of damage. We do not cover up dry rot under any circumstance and will give you the option to hire a framing contractor, do the repairs yourself, or initiate a change order and have our skilled craftsmen make the appropriate framing repairs. Either way, we do the job correctly and do not “cover up” problems, no matter the size.

10) Crew Hours

Our crews begin work by 7:30 A.M. and stop working by 5:30 P.M. During the summer months, with your approval, our crews work as late as 7:00 P.M. If you have any circumstances where these hours do not coincide with your schedule, please let your Project Manager know and they will do whatever is needed to accommodate your needs. Also, our Project Managers are a direct liaison between our crews and your construction needs, so please express all of your needs and concerns to them; that is what they are there for!

We Can’t Wait to Start! Once we have planned your project down to the smallest detail and you authorize Majestic Custom to complete your job to your satisfaction, we are very excited and appreciative of the opportunity to be entrusted to perform the work you want done. Majestic Custom relies on satisfied customers to promote our business and to attest to our craftsmanship and top-notch customer service. We know that by instilling confidence in our abilities and building a trustworthy relationship with you and your family, you will not hesitate to refer us to friends, family, and neighbors. We strive for this opportunity and will be dedicated and accountable to you in whatever service we can provide for you.

Thank you for your business and for your confidence in our company!!!

Majestic Custom Construction, Inc.

Did you know:

We will meet with your insurance company and get the job completed in the shortest period of time possible. Just let us know how you would like us to help you increase the value of your home.